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Welcome to Troop 22!  We are chartered by Prince of Peace Episcopal Church and have been serving Woodland Hills and surrounding communities for 25 years. 

The aim of the Scouting program is to develop youth with character, citizenship and personal fitness.  Our Troop accomplishes this through fun activities like hiking, camping and community service projects. We have fun...with purpose!  During our tenure we have helped over 75 boys become Eagle Scouts.

Please contact us to arrange to visit one of our meetings. There's always room for one more in Troop 22!                                                                                                                                                    

Gear Head Files #5 - Sleeping Bags & Pads

Posted on Sep 17 2011 - 9:21pm

Ask 5 people and you'll get 5 opinions on sleeping bags and pads.  Synthetic or down?  Mummy or square?  Air mattress or foam?  Add the considerations of weight and price, and a shopper can get very confused.  Try renting a few different styles to see how you are most comfortable, and check out what the other Scouts and Scouters are carrying.  If you want to buy a sleeping bag for backpacking, my own preference is for a synthetic bag, mummy shape, at least 30 degrees or warmer, 3 pounds total weight or less, with both a compression and storage sack provided in the purchase price.  Here's why:

Gear Head Files #4 - Backpacks

Posted on Sep 10 2011 - 6:34pm

A backpack is a significant investment.  Preferences evolve with experience, and fit changes as boys grow.  For these reasons, we recommend that both boys and adults borrow or rent backpacks when they first start hitting the trail.  Troop 22 has put out the call for donations and loaners before the FishBowls backpack in October, or you can rent a pack for 2 nights at Adventure 16 (Tarzana) for $10 to $18, depending on size.   REI (Northridge) also has some rentals, pricing unknown.  Take your time to assemble the gear you like and the weight you can carry, then find the pack that will get that gear to your campsite.


Posted on Aug 22 2011 - 10:51pm


I am very happy and proud to announce that Eric Czubiak successfully completed his Eagle Board of Review tonight, August 22nd at 9:45pm.  Eric became the 54th Eagle Scout in Troop 22.

Gear Head Files #3 - Feet First

Posted on Aug 20 2011 - 3:08pm

Comfortable and supportive footwear is essential for hiking and backpacking.  Lugged soles provide traction over uneven terrain, and sturdy mid- or high- cut collars offer more support for ankles.  Padded insoles help absorb the shock of added weight from a pack.  All this support and comfort can come at a steep price, so boys with growing feet need to follow some tips for footwear well in advance of each backpacking trip:

Gear Head Files #2 - Water and Flashlights and Knives...oh my!

Posted on Aug 10 2011 - 7:59pm

As part 2 of our notes on the 10 Essentials (plus), let's look at a few of the items that can lead you into spending far more money than necessary, plus guidelines for backpacking with Troop 22.

Emerald Bay days 4 and 5

Posted on Aug 1 2011 - 12:29pm

Day 4 and 5

Andrew Schneider one of our new ASM's left on Wed. We are fortunate to have Andrew, and look forward to working with him for the next few years.

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